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Google Analytics Report Analysis

Are you receiving Google Analytics reports but finding it difficult to obtain actionable insights? Are you drowning in all that data?

What We Do

Let us help by:

  1. undertaking a comprehensive analysis of your Google Analytics data
  2. providing insights that will help you better understand visitor behaviour
  3. offering concrete recommendations for improving your website's performance.

This is not a summary of what's already on your Google Analytics reports. This is an analysis of the data which will provide action points for improving your website.

What Does a Typical Report Contain?

This depends on your website - for example do you sell online, or is your website primarily a lead-generation site? We identify actionable insights that are gathered from real-world visitor behaviour on your website - insights that will allow you improve your website and re-energise your marketing campaigns

Typical reports provide insights into:

  • What sources of traffic are driving success? Sources vary from organic search, paid search, email campaigns, banner adverts, social media campaigns, offline campaigns and more. Significant time and expense are spent on each method, but do you really know which are performing and which aren't?
  • What marketing campaigns are successful? How can they be improved? Are you tracking campaigns correctly?
  • Which content on your site adds to conversions and which is simply dead-wood? Do customers land on your website and hit the browser back-button? What are their expectations?
  • What processes on your website are letting you down? Is your enquiry form putting people off? Are customers abandoning the checkout process?
  • Does your internal search help or hinder customers? Can improvements be made? What are visitors searching for?
  • Does anyone download your company newsletter?
  • Do people come back to your site for a second visit?
  • How many visits does it take for people to convert on your site, whether making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, making a download etc?
  • And many more insights that will provide actionable insights so you can improve your website.

What We Do

We don't produce generic reports. Your report is tailored to your business.

Analysis includes:

  • sources of traffic
  • goal performance
  • funnel analysis
  • shopping cart analysis
  • Google AdWords assessment
  • display ad assessment
  • email campaign assessment
  • download tracking
  • content appraisal
  • profiling converting visitors
  • social media impact
  • and more

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