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Frequently Asked Questions

My web designer set up Google Analytics when he designed the site. Isn’t that enough?

Your web designer may have done an excellent job. But then again it may be sub-optimal. Web designers and developers are skilled in design and technical coding. The effective use of Google Analytics as a business tool requires specialised skills - it's about analysing and interpreting data and providing you with actionable insights that allow you improve your website making it more effective at acheiving business goals.

Can't I analyse the reports myself? Why do I need a consultant?

Google Analytics is very powerful and provides alot of information in an easy to read format. It takes very little time to become familiar with navigating the reports, viewing data etc. But the sheer volume of data can cause problems for some. In many instances users tend to browse through the reports on a sporadic basis, noting this and that. However this is not an effective, methodical approach.

You may need a consultant if you:

  • do not use Google Analytics on an ongoing basis
  • are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data available
  • are unsure what reports you should be viewing
  • are unsure what metrics you should be measuring
  • have not identified KPI's for your website
  • find it hard to find the time to perform an analysis on a regular basis
  • do not regularly obtain insights from your Google Analytics that lead to website improvements
  • have no clear strategy for integrating Google Analytics into your online marketing efforts
  • cannot keep up with changes to the Google Analytics interface and new features

What is the process?

All situations are different but the following can apply:

  • I will review your current website and depending on your requirements I can provide a quotation following this review.
  • For a review of your existing configuration and/or review of data reports, I will need a login to your Google Analytics account.
  • If changes are required to your site coding, I can make these changes for you or can provide instructions so you or your web designer can apply the changes.
  • Many of the services can be completed with email and/or phone contact. In some instances a meeting may be preferable to tease out the fundamentals.

How soon can I have Google Analytics setup on my site?

A basic setup can usually be implemented within 5 working days. More advanced requirements (for example ecommerce setup) can take up to 10 working days.